Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I've been downloading (or at least trying to download) a lot of Bump of Chicken music videos. My favorite videos are Tentaikansoku and Stage of the Ground. :D I only have three, though. XD I like the song Sailing Day, but the video doesn't make a lot of sense. It's probably because I don't understand what the song is talking about in the first place.

This is a screencap of Motoo Fujiwara from the Sailing Day music video. He's the lead singer and my favorite band member. :D He writes all of the music.

More of Fujiwara, this time from the Tentaikansoku video. :3

This is my favorite screencap of him, from the Stage of the Ground video. :D It reminds me of Aerosmith in some way, but maybe I'm just weird. :x

We're doing Romeo and Juliet this year. I think it's a dumb sounding play. I haven't read the play, but it's a popular play, so everyone's already heard about it. I think the cliffnotes for it read something like this:
Juliet: ::plays dead... for some reason Kim's forgot::
Romeo: Oh no! My beloved is dead! Because I'm too uberly stupid to actually check to see if she's breathing or has a pulse, I'll just commit suicide! ::does so::
Juliet: Oh no! Since my beloved was too uberly stupid to actually check my vitals, he's dead! I'll just commit suicide because I'm equally as stupid!
They're making us study the first known incident of teenage stupidity. They knew each other for, what, three days?

SS: there's another game show
SS: where they gather these famous uuuh males
SS: and they do this memory dance thing
SS: where everyone does a dance
SS: and everyone has to do the dance before that them and then make their own section
SS: and it you get it wrong
SS: you have to squat down on this thing
SS: where it it this huge punching glove
SS: and it punches your nuts
Hurray for Japanese entertainment! XD I want to have a show like that so all of those pop idols and Tom Cruise can get their nuts punched out. >3 ::wonderful sense of humor::

I showed my sister a passage in a book I was reading and asked her if she could read it. It was written in a really loopy handwriting that was hard to read. She read a bit of it and then the baby started pulling my hair. I yelled, because it really hurt. After I got the baby to stop, my sister said, "I thought you were yelling because I read so well." XD

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Sunday, September 7, 2003

My internet died for a few hours, so I decided to make a layout in order to pass the time. The layout looks really simple, but it took me a long time because PictureIt! refused to cooperate. Or maybe I'm too stupid to understand the program. Either way, I really do hate PictureIt!. My main problem is that it won't fit the background to the object. The object can be set to fit the background, but not vice versa. That gave me a lot of trouble. I want a new photo editing program. >_< PhotoDraw working again would be nice, too.

Looking over the codes SS did for my previous layout makes me go @_@. I don't understand any of the div tags at all. Even if I live to be a hundred, I won't understand them. Of course, I did learn most of my HTML from this site. Be blinded by all the bright colours!

On Thursday, it rained. My Dad picks me up after school, since the bus doesn't go to our house. I wait for him at the back entrance of the school. You have to walk a good distance to get from the nearest school building to the back entrance. I was standing out in the rain, looking utterly miserable for a good twenty minutes. I was really mad at my father for being late. Little did I know, he drove right up to the school building to pick me up because he didn't want me to get wet. I got wet, anyway. I was wet a full three hours later, too. ._.; Since I have to wait at the Hilton until my father gets out, there wasn't a change of clothing. Everyone, communication is a good thing. XD

That's about the only interesting thing that's happened to me recently. Onto the reviews/rants about animaga!

Prince of Tennis There's a rumor that this series (both the manga and anime) is licensed. A few months ago, I would have complained, but after Tezuka left, the series seems like a huge filler arc. So, so boring. Weird, too. The Jyousei Shounan matches are really, really weird. The captain bends over in this odd position in order to serve, there's a guy that looks like an elf or maybe a balding version of Roland from Suikoden III, a human fly, someone that 'changes into' other players. Wakato, the change guy, yells "CHANGE!", his fangirls yell "OVER!", and he changes his playing style to match pros. The change over sequence is dumb. If I were Kaido, I'd just serve while Wakato did the change thing. Too bad it seems like there's an unwritten law that prevents people from beating you to death while you're doing your fancy transformation sequence in most animanga series. Jyousei Shounan is only saved by the fact that its captain is hot. And yet, the fangirls in the anime don't realize that he's a million times sexier than Wakato. The show's creators are blind.

Matantei Loki Ragnarok Episode 19... Why, why, WHY are the Norse Gods so dumb? Thor should have realized that the girl he fell in love with was a doll. I mean, he's a god, so shouldn't he have some powers other than the thunder stuff? Heimdall and Freyr are desperate about money and food. They're gods. Why are they worrying about food? Then there's Loki. The god that was cast out of the land of the gods. He's RICH and he doesn't do anything. I overthink things. ~_~ Episode 17 was a riot, though. Heimdall and Freyr on a cooking show with Yamino, Thor, and Mayura. XD

Never Give Up This is a manga about a girl falling in love with a guy, but not being able to marry him because his sister and her mother think she's not beautiful enough. Really nice relatives, eh? She really, really looks like a guy. Hurray for blurred gender lines! Her love, Touya, takes a modeling job. She models, too, because she thinks he'll get molested by all the homosexuals in the business. XD She has to model as a guy, though, for obvious reasons. No one can discover that she's a girl or else there'll be a lot of trouble for her mother's modeling company. Added to Kiri's troubles is the male model named Akira (he looks like Enishi from Kenshin), who sees her in her 'male' and 'female' form. He begins to like Kiri/Tatsuki (the name of her 'male' form) (I'm not sure if he's serious or not). It's an odd plot, but pretty cute at the same time. Maybe I'm just overlooking the bad plot because of the pretty art and the hot guys. XD

Stigma It's about a guy who has lost his memory and is looking for it. The other character (the one that looks like chibi Sanzo XD) is named Tit (it refers to a small bird, I think) and he's looking for birds. They live in a place where birds are thought to be extinct and the sky is an ash grey colour, because of a war. They meet when Tit is running away from someone. Tit names the memory-less guy Stork (silly name, isn't it? XD) and they travel together in search of birds. The story was hard to understand, because it would switch from one characters thoughts to dialogue without any real indication. I read some scanlations that were poorly editted and filled with typos, too, so that didn't help any. The ending is really sad. :<

Ender's Game and The Speaker for the Dead These are first two books of the Ender Saga. I thought they were really good. I'm glad Ender's Game was a book I could read for school and get a grade for. :D I wanted to get it when I was in England, but I didn't have the money to buy it. Holding off was a good idea, since my father bought it for me. :3 The first book is basically about a genius boy name Andrew 'Ender' Wiggin, who is forced to go to go a really harsh military academy in order to become a commander for a fleet that will destroy an alien race. Ender thinks that he's just playing a military game, but he's really leading a fleet to kill the aliens. When he finds out, he's not happy about it at all. Later, he finds out that the buggers (they attacked the humans twice before), just wanted to live in peace. They attacked the two previous times because they thought humans were not an intelligent species. Spoilers about the first book, hilight to read. ^^ The second book is filled with spoilers for the first one, so I won't say much about it. Ender goes to a planet in order to investigate another alien species is the basic, BASIC plot. The only other thing I'll say about that book is Ender's wife annoys me. ._. Jane is cooler. >:3

If anyone was wondering about my sidebar, it lists the anime I'm watching right now (not all of them, just the ones I watch as soon as a new episode comes out or I've just started) and then the episodes I've seen of that series in (). Manga lists volume and then chapter. v04 c04 means the fourth chapter of volume four. v10 c55 doesn't mean the 55th chapter of volume ten, though. Sometimes I know the actual chapter number, but I usually know the chapter number in the volume. Even as I explain all of this, people probably don't look at my side bar, anyway. XD

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This layout features Eyes Rutherford from Spiral: Suri no Kizuna. He's a famous pianist, but also one of the Blade Children. A lot of people want to kill the Blade Children, so they learn to kill in order to survive. Some of the Blade Children hope that Ayumu Narumi, the younger brother of Kiyotaka Narumi, will help them get rid of the 'curse' that makes people want to kill them. The anime never explains what the curse does and why so many people want to kill them because of it.

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